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Merry Christmas




Dec. 25th, 2008

Merry Christmas

And now to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol because that's my favorite Christmas movie.

Ergo Proxy Icons

I highly recommend this series (it's my favorite anime now).

As always, I'm posting the bases so you can do whatever you want. Please remember to credit me if you take anything.

I think therefore you areCollapse )

Merry Christmas

Sorry, I don't have any image to go with this post. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


So I finally finished my One Piece fic. Now I can work on my Host Club fic and claims for 7rainbowprompts. And I still have to finish screencapping TF Armada.


Legacy of Kain icons

I haven't made icons for a while. There would've been more, but there's not that many screenshots from the game. If taking any, please credit me.

Redeemer and DestroyerCollapse )

More LK Icons!

If taking, please credit and if using a base, please credit me for the image.
I need more DVD's to screencapCollapse )

Liberty's Kids Icons!

I don't care what people think of it. I thought it was a pretty damn good show!

Anyway, if taking, please credit me. There are bases, so feel free to do whatever you want with them, just credit me for the image.

Through My Own EyesCollapse )

I have two other things, but they aren't icons. Cameos in Common SenseCollapse )

SH22 icons!

If taking any, please credit me. There's 32 bases, so if you want to make an icon of your own with it, go ahead, just credit me for the image. Enjoy!

Eyes and brains WatsonCollapse )