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Fanfics and Such


New Item

This is a Host Club story with MorixHaruhi as the pairing. The idea came to me a few days ago.

New Item

Fanfic Suggestions

I have a problem... writer's block. I'm on the third prompt for the orange set for 7rainbowprompts. The third prompt is Oranges and it's for Kuro/Kaya. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


Happy V-Day!

So I've been off for the past two days. The snow doesn't seem to be stopping. I got a little bit further in SH (Sherlock Holmes). That guy is bi-polar, but he's still a cool character.

Gotta Love Snow

I never got to post this yesterday.

Had a 2 hour delay. In fourth period the power went out. Got to leave at 1:35 because there wasn't any heat.

Watched The Invincible Iron Man movie (it's a cartoon). I think the voice actor for Tony Stark did a good job. There was also a look at the Doctor Strange movie coming out in August (on dvd).


I'm thinking of writing for one of the sets on 7rainbowprompts. I was planning on doing the orange set for Kuro/Kaya.

Orange Set
1. New World
2. Sunset
3. Oranges
4. Trust In Your Heart
5. Nail Polish
6. Angel Fallen From Above
7. Fallens Leaves
8. Happily Ever After
9. Harvest
10. Never Was, Never Will Be


Happy New Year!

Went over to my best friends house and ran up and down the street with noise makers. Played DDR, but some people were messing around with the mats. I showed her an episode of Bleach and she liked it. Also drank some sparkling cider!


Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's Christmas was good.

I got anime: Gundam Wing, Fruits Basket, One Piece (Japanese version), and FMA.
Manga: FMA, Fruits Basket, 11th Cat (that's Korean), and Black Cat (I didn't like it too much). And some money which I want to spend on my new fandom, Bleach!



Went over to my uncle's house and had dinner there. Then the family played Scattergories. Note, never play with your grandparents, they come up with bullshit answers.

On another note, I'm making some PoTC icons.